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Creative Efficiency: How One US Insurance Company Achieved Cost-Savings

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Controlling freelance resources

Offshore production model

Fast project turnarounds

24/7 support, globally

Cost savings

The Challenges

A US-based life insurance company embarked on a strategic initiative with EKCS. This was to reduce its reliance on freelance resources and control operational costs. Their goal was to explore the adoption of a partial offshore resource model. Their goal was to achieve faster project turnarounds and simplify resource management.

They wanted to enhance their internal capabilities while minimizing dependence on freelancers. With a partial offshore resource model, the company could strike a balance between in-house expertise and offshore help. This would be cost-effective without compromising operational excellence.

This model could help the company meet project timelines and optimize resource allocation. This strategic shift highlighted their commitment to adapting to changing market dynamics. They could position themselves as an agile and cost-conscious player within the competitive life insurance industry.

The Solutions

At the start, the client opted to partner with EKCS for a six-month pilot. They outsourced print and digital projects. This started with 50 jobs per month and gradually increased over time.

During the onboarding process, EKCS conducted staff background checks and established a streamlined workflow. The insurance firm had server access and access to project management software. As their trusted production partner, EKCS provided a statement of work, established service level agreements (SLAs), and implemented quality control (QC). This all took place before starting the six-month trial.


Solution highlights included


The Results

Ring-fenced creative production team

EKCS set up an offshore ring-fenced team of print and digital resources. The team provided end-to-end support for the production and adaptation of marketing assets for the US market.

Seamless onboarding and transition

Improved brand consistency and turnaround times

Cost Savings


By embracing automation and production outsourcing, in-house agencies can be more creative. It can also relieve them of their worries about campaign production.

By embracing the offshore production model, in-house agencies have the opportunity to expand their operations and dedicate more focus to creative work. This allows them to foster and enhance creativity while upholding high quality standards. Find out how partnering with EKCS can empower your team and drive success.

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