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Success Story

When volume is King

National World's Digital Revolution: A MediaFerry Transformation Story

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Print and digital ad production

Digital ad operations

Production volumes

Long term partnership

Cost savings

About National World

National World (formerly JPIMedia) is a dynamic and innovative multimedia company in the UK. With a team of talented journalists, editors, video producers, and designers, it has emerged as one of the country's leading national news brands.


The Challenges

Being one of the most prominent local media groups in the UK, National World faced the challenge of developing data-driven ad campaigns. And creating sophisticated creatives. The decline in print media and the increasing competition in digital advertising compelled National World to enhance its product offerings in print, digital, and video formats.
This media company needed a dependable, user-friendly, and cost-efficient solution to give their advertising clients access to their published ads. The process of locating these ads across many publications can be time-consuming and expensive.
They needed a solution that could assist in boosting engagement and returns for their advertisers. They also needed efficient methods for managing workloads, reducing admin, and enhancing  ROI.

The Solution

This saw the use of MediaFerry's cloud-based workflow management system. National World integrated this with their billing systems, ad servers, and CRM systems, including Google DFP and SalesForce. This  enabled them to automate aspects of their digital ad trafficking, tracking, and campaign performance reporting.

Today, MediaFerry's eVouchering system revolutionizes the way National World's advertisers access and analyze data. With a few clicks, advertisers gain valuable insights into every publication. By logging into their publisher's account, they can pinpoint the placement of their ads and share a link with colleagues. Agencies enjoy seamless log-in access and can view client bookings, insertion positions, and publicationsNational World was able to streamline its workflow. They reduced the time and effort spent on repetitive tasks. And it improved efficiency and productivity.


The Results

Long-term partnership

10+ years of continued partnership A full-time team to support print and digital ad production, digital ad ops fulfillment, digital marketing fulfillment, high-end creative, and sales and customer support.

Workflow and production automation

Streamlined workflow management

Improved customer experience

Cost Savings


"EKCS’ tireless dedication to produce and manage our print and digital content made the decision to continue our partnership an easy one. Over the years, its MediaFerry platform has allowed us to become increasingly cost-effective while ensuring the ad production process remains as efficient as possible."

Chris Sanderson

IT & Operations Director


Automation is a game-changer for media companies, providing them with the opportunity to save precious time and money on advertising production costs.

By adopting the offshore model, media companies and publishers can effectively expand their operations, enhance flexibility, and maintain exceptional quality standards. Discover how partnering with EKCS can empower your existing teams to streamline creative production and achieve optimal efficiency.

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