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Success Story

Automation is the Key

Streamlining Success: How Automation Transformed a Marketing Agency

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Retail and food packaging

Managing seasonal volumes

Packaging production automation

Long term partnership

Cost savings

The Challenges

A prominent player in the creative production industry sought a reliable partner. This UK-based multi-channel creative production agency needed help with their packaging production. They didn't want to compromise their quality standards and brand identity.

The agency delivers marketing materials and packaging management services to global brands. These materials help them differentiate themselves and achieve growth. In this ever-evolving industry landscape, they needed to maintain efficient production processes.

The Solutions

The solution provided offered a comprehensive approach. The offshore team's flexibility enabled round-the-clock work, including weekends. This ensured that production was delivered on schedule.

To improve efficiency and accuracy, EKCS developed custom scripts for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign.  Artworkers could convert data from spreadsheets into visual graphics. This automation saves time by eliminating manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors.


The Results

Long-term partnership

Over seven years of an ongoing partnership, there is a dedicated full-time team. This team gives support for packaging artwork and production across UK-based industries. This includes retail, food, gaming, and appliances.

Packaging production automation

Streamlined workflow management

Improved customer experience

Cost Savings


By embracing automation and outsourcing, creative agencies can be more creative. They can build strong relationships with clients, too. And relieve them of their worries about campaign production.

By adopting the offshore model, creative agencies can expand their operations. They can enhance creativity and maintain quality standards. Discover how partnering with EKCS can empower your team.

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