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Success Story

Long term partnership

The Need for Speed: A Big Four Accounting Firm's Approach

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Audio/Video Post-production

Dedicated offshore team

24/7 support, globally

Long term partnership

Cost savings

The Challenges

A Big4 accounting firm was in search of a versatile creative production partner. This was to meet their comprehensive video post-production needs. Their requirements included scripting, illustration, storyboarding, editing, animation, motion graphics, voiceovers, podcast production, closed captioning, transcreation, and content repurposing. Their goal was to streamline the creative process and maintain excellence across their multimedia

Alongside creative expertise, efficiency was important to the firm. They needed faster project turnarounds without compromising quality. Given the nature of their business, this firm needed the highest level of confidentiality on projects.

The Solutions

The head of the in-house agency (IHA) was the main point of contact. EKCS utilized a dedicated video team for this client. In the initial stages of collaboration, the operations and video teams established weekly conference calls. File transfers took place through 'Google Drive'. And there was a brand training session with the client's stakeholders.


The Results

Long-term partnership

A 10 year ongoing partnership supported by onshore account management and offshore post-production.

Ring-fenced audio/video team

Global round-the-clock support

Streamlined workflow management

Cost Savings


By embracing automation and production outsourcing, in-house agencies can be more creative. It can also relieve them of their worries about campaign production.

By embracing the offshore production model, in-house agencies have the opportunity to expand their operations and dedicate more focus to creative work. This allows them to foster and enhance creativity while upholding high quality standards. Find out how partnering with EKCS can empower your team and drive success.

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