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Success Story

Automation is the Key

Transforming Digital Advertising Operations for Vocento

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Automated creative production

Template-driven production

Digital marketing fulfillment

Long term partnership

Cost savings

The Challenges

Vocento, a leading multimedia Spanish communications group, needed to expand its digital footprint in the local business market. Their aim was to launch digital advertising campaigns that were accurate, scalable, and cost-effective.

They recognized the growing importance of digital platforms to reach their target audience. They needed a strategy that would enable them to establish a robust online presence. By implementing accurate and efficient digital ad campaigns, Vocento aimed to maximize its outreach. They would better engage with their audience. And they could align their digital operations with their business goals while staying within budget.

The Solutions


The Results

Template-driven ad production saves time

MediaFerry SmartDesign, an automated ad builder tool, simplifies digital banner creation. It enables simultaneous changes to ad text, CTA, images, and logos across multiple ad sizes. This saves time and resources. It streamlines campaign production and ensures brand consistency.

Automated, streamlined ad campaign trafficking

Real-time campaign performance reports

Automated production and workflow management


"Though there are several tools in the market to create ad campaigns semi-automatically, MediaFerry is the first company that integrated the full process of creating, publishing, managing and renewals and any kind of tasks needed in the full ad production process."

Raúl Prieto García

Fmr. Digital Business, IT and Operations Director


Automation is a game-changer for media companies, providing them with the opportunity to save precious time and money on advertising production costs.

By adopting the offshore model, media companies and publishers can effectively expand their operations, enhance flexibility, and maintain exceptional quality standards. Discover how partnering with EKCS can empower your existing teams to streamline creative production and achieve optimal efficiency.

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