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Success Story

Automation is the Key

Streamlining Creative Production Enhanced Penna’s ROI

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Cross-channel creative production

Managing seasonal volumes

Creative production automation

Long term partnership

Cost savings

The Challenges

Penna, a London recruitment company part of Adecco, wanted to improve their client services. In the past, they had tried outsourcing. However, they had trouble finding a reliable partner who could work well with their methods and help their teams grow.
Penna wanted to explore new technologies and solutions without incurring more costs. They sought a partner who could adapt to their existing workflow. And one that could help with innovation and experimentation without financial constraints.

The Solutions

In 2012, Penna chose to collaborate with EKCS as their creative production partner. This was to assist their in-house teams by handling overflow work and reducing the costs of advertising production.

The Results

Long-term partnership

For over a decade, the partnership between Penna and EKCS has evolved. From ad hoc support to EKCS becoming an award-winning vendor for Penna in 2021 and 2023.

Cross-channel marketing support

Digital marketing support

Streamlined workflow management

Cost Savings

Pena Team award

"Collaborating with EKCS helps us to focus on creating better customer campaigns and on areas which otherwise went unnoticed, leaving us open to exploitation by the competition."

Keith Pilling



By embracing automation and outsourcing, creative agencies can be more creative. They can build strong relationships with clients, too. And relieve them of their worries about campaign production.

By adopting the offshore model, creative agencies can expand their operations. They can enhance creativity and maintain quality standards. Discover how partnering with EKCS can empower your team.

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